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Thank you for attending NetBrain's "5 Ways to Enhance Your Workflows with Automation" webcast.  

During the presentation we outlined the key challenges that exist with traditional manual methods as well as shared live product demos for applying automation to address these challenges. 

In summary, NetBrain's Executable Runbooks are a knowledge repository, a diagnostics console and a collaboration medium. They serve to help protect you from risk and free you up for those strategic projects you’ve been putting off.  

Executable Runbooks help network teams: 

  • Document tribal knowledge and ensure compliance with best practices. 

  • Accelerate network troubleshooting, especially when working closely with applications teams.

  • Proactively monitor and prevent problems before they become symptomatic or cause an outage.

  • Work with security teams to defend the network from attack.

  • Make safer network changes during hardware refreshes, data center migrations or network mergers & acquisitions, where network changes are notoriously manual, repetitive and prone to error.

Webcast Recording

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Download our whitepaper on Maintaining Accurate Network Diagrams to learn more about NetBrain's Dynamic Maps.

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