Request Your Upgrade to NetBrain 7.0

NetBrain 7.0 is a milestone release, designed to integrate with existing network management workflows. This release introduces powerful enhancements to core technologies like Dynamic Map and Executable Runbook while introducing a rich API framework, a new thin client user interface, a more scalable and redundant system architecture, and much more. Feature highlights in this release include:

  • Dynamic Map: More powerful data visualization and improvements for collaboration

  • Executable Runbook: More flexible workflow automation for guiding engineers with best practices

  • Rich API Framework: New RESTful API framework for integrating NetBrain with existing workflows

  • Thin Client User Interface: Enhanced user experience through a redesigned web browser interface

  • New System Architecture: Improved performance, scalability, and failover redundancy

Review the NetBrain 7.0 release notes for a full list of improvements.

NetBrain 7.0 First Look Webcast

This product release webcast highlights some of the exciting enhancements in 7.0. NetBrain's product team discusses and demonstrates the latest technology breakthroughs. Please stay tuned for the timing of our webcast.


How to Upgrade

For Existing NetBrain Customers:

If you'd like to upgrade your NetBrain deployment, please complete the request form at the top of the page. A member of our Upgrade Team will reach out to you with the next steps.

Please note: For existing customers to be eligible for upgrade, an active maintenance plan is required.

For Evaluators:

If you are in the process of purchasing NetBrain, or are interested in testing 7.0 - you can still submit an upgrade request. Please distinguish yourself as an evaluator in the relationship field, and a member of our Upgrade Team will contact you for additional details and next steps.

For further questions, please email our Upgrade Team at

NetBrain 7.0 will be available starting Monday, July 24, 2017. Please note that this upgrade is for our enterprise product line only.

Request Your Upgrade to NetBrain 7.0

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